There are a few things I recommend to make our shoot go as well as possible:

1) What to Wear? Clothing that expresses who you are, and the clothing in which you feel your best. Remember--colors don't have to match to go together, especially in a photo. Don't be afraid to mix it up!

2) Where? I tend to work outside, with natural light, though I'm also happy to do indoor or more studio-mood shots. I love when a client has scouted out a meaningful or favorite spot for photos! I want your personality, your tastes, your preferences to be part of the finished product hanging on the wall, not just my style and artistic point of view. We can collaborate to find a place that suits you perfectly. You dream and I'll do the legwork.

3) Those wee ones--If you would like photos of your newborn, I strongly suggest having photos done within the first two weeks of birth, and ideally the first week. Not only do they change so much in those first couple of weeks--couple of days, even--but they're easiest to work with at this time. Most newborn sessions are done in your home, where your newborn is safest and most comfortable.

4) What's My Style? I like to take photos that are natural, often-candid, and sometimes directed--not posed. I might ask you to stand/sit in a certain spot, but in general, I'll draw the rest of the photo out of you by doing most anything but saying, "Say cheese!" 

5) Investment--Payment is due the day of the session, non-refundable.

6) Timing--Expect 2-4 weeks for your photos to be edited and ready to be ordered. I will notify you by email or phone when your photos are ready.