I started photography as a way to relieve stress when my husband, an active-duty soldier in the Army Reserve, was deployed to Iraq in the summer of 2005. Well, I say "to relieve stress," but what I really mean is, "to save my life." At the time, I was pregnant with my second son (our pre-deployment baby), and desperately in need of some outlet to tide me over. It quickly became my passion, and my way to be inspired and lifted by the people around me.

The birth of our daughter (our post-deployment baby) in 2007 solidified my desire to be mindful of what message I'm sending, what ideas I'd like to leave in my wake. The most powerful idea to me is that there is beauty everywhere. Beauty in different shapes, colors, personalities, talents, sorrows. Beauty in forgotten details. It brings me joy to show you in the best light--both figuratively and literally--and to help you see yourself in a new way.

Most of my clients become my dearest friends. Here's why: When I'm photographing you, I am asking for your emotions, your dreams, your personality, your heart on your sleeve. I understand I'm asking you to be vulnerable and trusting. It's a gift you give to me, and the gift I give back is the very picture of who you really are. In this way, photography isn't just a pose-and-click practice, a record of a fantastic outfit. It's a communication--and a befriending. So let's be friends!

I also enjoy: 
sitting on the couch with my husband watching tv
exploring new places
visiting family & friends
laughing until I cry (and then some more)
making lists
eating pho

long, slow runs on lonely trails
an eclectic mix of music (Sir Mix-a-Lot and Bach co-exist perfectly on my Shuffle)
the way the desert smells after rain
the way Texas trees smell after rain (like nutmeg)
playing Legos with my kids
reading good fiction
being a friend
making new friends
brussels sprouts

ice water
a clean house
trying a new recipe

the moment my husband walks in the door, home from work
wooden bowls